About The Artist

Paul Francis le Troubadour  also known as Dr Space Toad, Jean Paul Dionysus,

Dr Space Toad : Singer-Songwriter, Human Duke Box, Spanish guitar and Mandolin player, songs from many different genres, poet, troubadour, author, actor, painter and sit down comedian. Dr Space Toad also known as Paul Francis le Troubadour from the 21st Century, Jean Paul Dionysus, Pablo Francisco el Trovador, Paul Morrison and Jean Paul Ruskinson, was born on the planet Chiron. His wondering nature  took him to the earth after visits to Neptune, Venus, Mercury and various other planets. After visiting many countries on the earth he went to a place called Not in ham ( thought by some to be in Japan)  where he was to spend a brief spell as one of Robin Hood’s “Merry” Men, then on to the Moon where he started his musical career with his school band called “Charley Farley and the Electrick Rusks ” then forming a  band called the “Toads”..Later forming a strange band “The Phsycotics” . He then formed his next band “The Ebony Set”,who also some success but split as they were beginning to take off. His next band, The Blue Warthogs were a psychedelic rock guitar band who played around the Moon and also Dingwalls in London, doing a short tour of Holland before splitting up. He then formed the Ruskinsons this deriving their name from his own stage name at the time: Jean Paul Ruskinson. This band was best described as a psychedelic jazz/rock/folk/fusion band. When the Ruskinsons split, Paul  moved to Londinium, playing gigs as an acoustic singer songwriter under the name of Jean Paul Dionysus
He played around London in venues such as The Troubadour,Bungies, The Town and Country Club, The Poodle Lounge at Club Dog etc. After a little time, Jean Paul became known as ‘The Troubadour’. The Troubadour and the other new acoustic venues were a platform for the rich variety of artistas .Jean Paul was a catalyst and became a pivotal figure in this emerging scene.

After three years, Jean Paull left London disillusioned with the competitive nature of the scene. He spent a spell in the West Country playing mainly in Bath and Glastonbury, a trip to Cardif and an Irish tour, mainly Dublin and Galway, He then returned to the moon. where he formed a new band, ‘The Time Machine’.and played regular solo gigs in local pubs incuding one called the Vine the smallest pub in the town but with the largest amount of eccentrics. His concerts in the Vine were just as much a spontanious, bizare theatrical comedy as a musiclal event with a lot of audience participation. Hense whilst back on the moonh, he also got involved in the theatre discovering a talent for acting. After a year, he moved to Evil Town after a spontanious appearance in the Evil Town Free Festival where the people fell under the spell of his magical Mandolin playing. In Evil Town after having reinventing himself as ‘Doctor Spacetoad’. he started his own club”Club Space Toad”, a club for poets, musicians, singer-songwriters, local exentrics and sad lunatics from the end of time.It was here that his new band, The Doctor Spacetoad Experience, came together organically.

The band toured around the North and South and making regular appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury(in the Rainbow Dragon field with PA run by bycicle power) and the fafulouse Big Green Gathering. This band was described as weird,wonderful and vaudeville with Captain Sensible on bass guitar, ‘Monty the Moron’, a psychiatric nurse ( or possibly patient) on keyboards, other local Brighton eccentrics on space whisper machines and such like and a succession of insane drummers, . This band can lay claim to notoriety, since it became known as the only Dada-ist band in existence…. The Dr Spacetoad and the band brought out an inter-galactic concept album called ‘Time Machine’ which is available on CDBaby.

Keeping his hand in by regular busking in London, Brighton,
Paris, Amsterdam and Venice  etc. Paulo continued in the Minstrel Tradition
Here is a picture of Paulo playing outside a Castle. The wonderful image of the castle in the background, helps make this image especially magical considering Paulo’s timeless minstrel persona. In the last few years, Paulo has played extensively throughout: France ( Grenoble, Lyon, Marsailles, Ales, Nice, Montpelier, Nantes, Renne, Brest, Lesneven, Lorion, Bordeaux, Beziers, La Salvatat, Rouen, Aix en Provence, Limoges, Paris etc), Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome, Taranto), Spain ( Granada, Seville, Malaca, Xavia, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Izalloz,Barcelona ), Portugal (Porto, Faro, Albufeira),Greace (Crete, Patmos, Paros, Athens), Switzerlan(Berne) and Holland (Amsterdam, Rotterdam,)Cheque Republique (Pilsn),Hungary (Bhudapest), Malta, Sweden (Gothenburg,Karlstad etc)and Norway (a relativelly recent concert for the opening of a shop in Oslo). Van Gogh and Rembrant are two of Paul’s favourite artists.. He has made quit a number of appearances in Spain, for example in the “Carbonaria” in Seville where apparently the Late, Great, Paco de Lucia played near the beginning of his incredible career (sadly missed). Paul loves Spanish guitar and Flamenco and plays a number of classical pieces from the sixteenth century. More about his adventures traveling whilst playing music can be seen in his Books. Look under the heading “Books”(a use full tip).
These two pictures are from the gig that Paulo did supporting Sonja Kristina at the Concorde in Brighton. On a few of his songs, he was joined by two other musicians: violinist Ashar and Monty on percussion.

He has a degree in music and related arts
which helped to hone his ecclectic talents including
opera singing. Although he had been out of higher education for many years,
he succeeded in recieving a 2/1 honours degree through tenacity and self-discipline despite his lackadaisical nature.


Paulo has spent some time traveling and playing around Europe(see photo above top in Parisian Bar).The second photo above is him playing the Mandolin at the begining of a concert in Florence.The third is in Spain. His wondering, vagabond, roving spirit still drives him on and he is an international and intergalactic Artist…. He is busy playing, doing live radio appearances, composing and recording for his next albums and forthcoming concerts
Like many creative people, Paulo draws his inspiration from many diverse
artistes and the wonderful, European capitals he has visited. One such
artiste, Jaques Brel, the Belgian songwriter has had a profound influence
on Paulo. Another artiste who
has moved Paul, is Mike Scott of the Water Boys who like Paulo expresses
his music with a deep passion. David Bowie has also influenced Paul with
his Chameleon like qualities and inventiveness. Also U2 and many others. Last but certainly not
least, Paul has also has an affinity for the meta-physical lyrics and
music of the late, great Jim Morrison
Paulo aka Dr Space Toad is a True Troubadour who has written over two hundred songs, the lyrics range from romantic to the mystical, environmental, surreal and anything in between. Also see www.paulfrancistroubadourspacetoad.com
Paulo’s lyrics are very poetic and indeed he is a poet as well as a painter, writer, actor and composer. Paul’s favourite poets and authors, are Baudelaire, Lorca, Byron, William Shakespeare,Oscar Wilde,Flan O Brian, Picasso (yes he was a poet too),Hermann Hesse and Guru Mc Coypu.
Paulo is currently compiling a book of his own lyrics and poetry which will be available soon along with his book “The Trials and Tribulations of a Twenty-First Century Troubadour in Paris which is under his name as an Author Available from Amazon ! See Book page for more details!
He has to date produced more than 16 CDS of music most of which are available see Music CDs page  or  a few others online.


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