Videos Folk/Acoustic

Paul Francis le Troubadour aka Dr Space Toad sings the traditional Irish song .”Whiskey in the jar” in his own style in a old Parisian hotel..                                                                                                                                                Paul sings his song “Don’t push the river” – London 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Paul performs his song “Brothers and Sisters” at the Royal Festival Hall



Special man

My Old Mate the Coypu(an amusing version) with Dr Space Toad accompanied by Captain Sensible on distorted Fuz Bass

The Vagabond

Paul Francis le Troubadour sings his song ‘The Sailor and the Magician” inspired by being the Bard for a famous Druid at many of his healing gatherings.

Troubadour from the 4th Dimension

The Moon is a Dandy

Dr Space Toad/Paul Sings his song”Don’t push the River”

Dr Space Toad sings his song”The Lament of the Tree” dedicated to all the tree’s in the World

Carnival Town

Dr Space Toad aka Jean Paul Ruskinson plays his song”Days of Sadness” at the Castle of the Muses”

“Underground Committee”

Tribute to David Ryan


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